Guest Services

A team of dedicated professionals is available to help you throughout your stay. Our mission is "Taking Care of the Way People Live" – let us show you how.

Service Request

If you are submitting this request after normal business hours, and you have a maintenance emergency, please call 866-422-7368. Requests sent via this form will be responded to during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

Maintenance Request Form

Please indicate the type of request:

Extend Lease or Give Notice to Vacate

We hope you have enjoyed your stay with Gables Corporate Accommodations. However, if your lease is expiring and you need to vacate, please use the form below to let us know! You can also extend your stay with us by using this form. Remember to give us a 30-day notice before vacating.

Extend Lease / Vacate Request

Once notice of intent to vacate is given, I understand that an extension of the notice date will then be subject to approval by Gables Corporate Accommodations.

I understand I must give a 30-day written notice prior to vacating. By completing this section, I am obligated to this new lease end date.

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